Keep Your Warehouse Free of Vermin with Regular Pest Control

Keep Your Warehouse Free of Vermin with Regular Pest Control

Vermin are a nuisance, anytime, anywhere. Even in places like warehouses they can bring all sorts of destruction and health hazards. They can contaminate your products or work surfaces, and if the public hears that you have a problem with vermin on your premises you can kiss your reputation good bye.Therefore you need to have regular and effective pest control to eliminate them. But how do you keep your warehouse free of vermin, with regular pest control? Read on.

Identifying the pest problem and alternatives of controlling it

When identifying the potential pest problem, you should assess more than just the presence of vermin on your warehouse. Look also at the past history of the site, condition of neighboring properties plus their attraction to pests and potential for pest infestation ( for instance product, construction, layout). Also you should consider the location of your warehouse.The location of the facility is going to considerably influence its attraction to pests, for instance if you have a warehouse near water, it’s going to attract rats.

In-house or Contractor

You should choose next whether you’re going to hire a pest control contractor or do it in-house. There are several benefits you are going to gain when you hire a contractor. For instance, he’s more experienced and familiar with latest pest control methods. On the other hand, an in-house guy might have enough skill and also has the advantage of being aware of what goes on inside your warehouse, when shipments come and go and how things are stored. But either way, you should choose someone who’s competent and experienced in that area.

Plan of Action

Next you should consider what steps are going to be taken  to eradicate the vermin. Is it going to be by trapping, poison or another method? When is each action going to take place? Ensure you document all these for health and safety records, and establish some time frame which the rest of your pest control operations may continue to function around.

The Effects

Next you are going to outline any effects the selected process is going to have on the consumer, your employees, and any other individuals involved. Also you should take into account the effect the process is going to have on the environment, plus surrounding ecosystem.

Quarantine Zone

You now need to limit access to the affected areas and make sure it’s free of people during the application of pesticide, so doing it after hours or on the weekend might be the easiest. When the process involves only traps, ensure they’re out of heavy human traffic locations, and that all individuals operating in the locations are duly informed of where they’re placed.  Here is a video showing the ideal places to set traps.

Safety Confirmation

When the process is complete, you should confirm the area is safe prior to reentry.

Reporting and Recording

The most significant step is establishing a process of reporting and recording. Therefore, you must keep a log for the following reasons:

  • To monitor your vermin control efforts, making sure that they’re effective and safe
  • To highlight any recommendations concerning pest control
  • To show relevant authorities that you’ve complied with legislation

Hopefully after working with an exterminator to tackle the problem you vermin problem is gone for good.